Tales from the Pandemic: An Anthology


‘Covid 19’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Social Distancing’, ‘THE Pandemic’ – concepts so utterly foreign pre-2020 are now imprinted on our collective psyche, part of our lexicon, however surreal.

In Tales from the Pandemic: An Anthology, stories of everyday life in the new normal range from the at once mundane, yet wholly bizarre – a daily walk, masked-up, with restrictions on distance and time; to the macabre – elderly loved ones dying in isolation, and funerals on Zoom; to the adaptive – teachers and students figuring out how to work together online; and the uplifting – a ‘teddy bear’ driveway installation, brightening up a local community.

These stories, some fiction, some fact but all resonating with emotion and bristling with humanity, emanate from Melbourne’s Eastern Regional Libraries precinct, and extend beyond city and state borders. They capture a moment in time that will leave a lasting impact. Australia and the world have changed, but as these diverse, deeply personal and reflective voices show, the shared experience has brought us closer for the most part, united in a steely resolve, a newfound appreciation of simple pleasures, and a caring for others and ourselves.

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